Neither Here Nor There: Perspectives on Identity by the Young Eritrean and Ethiopian Diaspora in America

August 31, 2009

Sample Writing

Just for discussion, inspiration, etc. I thought people could share work they have done in the past. These are just for sharing and will not be considered for the book (those will need to be formally submitted.) Book submissions of course do not have to be exactly like pieces here:

Here is a piece written by my sister Liya:

ethio kids on stage


Habeshannete Kurate- on being Ethiopian
Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 8:56pm

My colors bleed together
behind this distorted glass
a dimension of my self
stuffing towels into cracks
to fend off shinkurt, berbere
until it is time to feast on
“Erre”… “ewa!”
no licking fingers at this table
no singing at this table
no eating alone at this table
No one left behind
at this table
decorated in elaborate Meskeloch
a luxury woven into everyday
jewelry, hats, shirts, bedsheets, art
You musn’t forget Egzihaber Yimesgen
Until the cross burns a place in you
You see the cross at the road between
here and there pointing with all its fingers
Left and Right and Heaven and Hell
Egzihaber Yirdachu, Ye Hagere Lijoch
They will dance a place into eternity
Laugh and praise their way into history
Break bread
at a Crossed place


August 25, 2009

Submission Check

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Hello world! Liya here. The renegade warrior of the Habesha Book Project, lol. You should visit our myspace page to meet us!

I am writing today because I want to check on your submissions. My sister and I have recently talked to some of you and read what you’re working on. It has been so exciting to see the different perspectives and insights you all are sharing!! Beautiful job!!

I want to encourage everyone to join in, collaborate, and find a way to have your voice heard through this project. Join our facebook group, get in touch with us on myspace, or email us at if you need anything from my sister or myself. Please do not hesitate to contact us because we love to talk with you all!

Keep up the great writing, everyone!


Have you voted for Miss Africa USA?

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Hello world!

It is true! I am auditioning to become the next Miss Arica USA! The pageant will have young women from all over Africa involved who can probably relate to a lot  of the things we are trying to capture in this book project! It’s going to be a blast. Plus, the responsibilities of Miss Africca USA are as amazing as the prize. Not only do they give a $2500 scholarship, but Miss Africa USA will also lead several humanitarian efforts to raise support for education, womens’ issues, and children in Africa.

But neither Miss Eritrea or Miss Ethiopia can do it without your help. Voting counts as 10% of the judging so please take the next 30 seconds and vote online right now! Just visit: My name is the 4th one in the 2nd box called “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CONTESTANT”, Liya Endale. Just check the box by my name and click on ‘vote’. Thank you so much!

There are 5 Habesha contestants. To vote for them also, just hit “Control” and “F” at the same time. A search box will pop up either at the top right or bottom left of your screen. Type in a name and hit enter. It will take you straight to that contestant. They should be highlighted in green or blue at the bottom left of your screen. The names of the other Ethiopian girls are Sofia Bushen, Nesanet Loffe, Mehrete Girmay and the names of the Eritrean girls competing are Jordana Burrs and Senayt Gaim. Good luck ladies! And for everyone else, thanks for your support!


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