Neither Here Nor There: Perspectives on Identity by the Young Eritrean and Ethiopian Diaspora in America

September 9, 2009

Writing for a Cause

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The Abegaz Molla and Kabaye Tilaye Educational Resource Center

Our grandparents on our mother’s side passed away recently within two years of each other. They had the most blessed and fulfilled lives of anyone I have encountered. In the small village of Kutaber, Ethiopia, which sits perched on the side of a mountain at the very end of a long road, they started a school many years ago; the graduates of which have gone on to become world renown biologists, chemists, engineers, and surgeons. I still meet people in my life who tell me stories about how my grandfather came and got them off of the farm they were working on as children to go to this school. This value of education has passed down to their children and now our generation.

Upon their passing, our family decided to donate their home and land to the two schools adjacent their property to be used as a resource center. These children are having to work far too hard for simple tools that would aid them to having a much better education; tools like books, computers, and even space to study and learn. And there you have the purpose of the Abegaz Molla and Kabaye Tilaye Educational Resource Center. Our family has taken on the challenge of raising the funds for these excited children to complete this dream that has been passed down for generations.

We are excited to announce that a significant portion of the proceeds from this book project will be donated to help complete the construction of the Abegaz Molla & Kabaye Tilaye Educational Resource Center. By supporting this project, you are supporting the much needed educational advances of Ethiopia. Thank you so much!


The Farmhands and Students at the School-or as I refer to them, “The Boys”.


Some of the younger kids



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