Neither Here Nor There: Perspectives on Identity by the Young Eritrean and Ethiopian Diaspora in America

February 20, 2012

Blending My Worlds

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Wow. Since I started this project I’ve gone from a single woman in an entry level job┬áto a mom and wife with a burgeoning career. It’s required some additional attention away from the rest of the world, but the purpose of this project has always been at the forefront of every day.

For example, as I am expecting my first child with my American born husband, we have been talking about his/her name. I want him/her to have and Ethiopian name. At the same time, this book project has taught me that identity is something each person has to make for him/her self. I wish I could jump into the future and ask the baby after it’s grown up what name he/she wants. At the same time, I know that a name is so powerful it shapes our identity to a certain extent as well.

Balancing these two heritages for my child, Ethiopian and African American, is another opportunity for my husband and myself to think deeper about identity, what it means to us, and what we want it to mean to our children. I would love a name that balances these two heritages… but what?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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