Neither Here Nor There: Perspectives on Identity by the Young Eritrean and Ethiopian Diaspora in America

September 4, 2014

Sinkane’s Ahmed Gallab – Using music to explore and define his cultural Identity

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Ahmed Gallab

Liya and myself have had a lot of life events happen that had us step away from this blog for a minute now, but as I was driving home from work yesterday I ran into this NPR piece that brought it all back. It reconnected me to the question of who am I now years after starting this. How has my connection with my multiple identities shifted with the recent happenings in my life (more on that later).

Take a listen and share your thoughts on the radio piece. He talks about how he makes sense of being born to Sudanese parents, having to seek asylum in the U.S., and the process he went through reconciling the cultural differences in his Sudanese home vs. the American world outside his door.  He also talks about the internal struggles around identity and how he sees himself culturally now. 

Also check out Sinkane on Youtube:




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