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November 8, 2009

Volunteering Within The Community

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Greetings everyone,



I was recently contacted by the Atlanta Ethiopian Community Association which has recently been re-organized and is under new leadership. The organization is trying to make it easier for volunteers to work with the organization to address a multitude of identified needs in the community. They asked me to prepare a talk on how to make their organization attractive to volunteers. Half of my presentation is information on best practices in recruiting, managing, and retaining volunteers. In the second half I hoped to provide feedback about common problems encountered when trying to volunteer within the community whether in Atlanta or in other parts of the country/world. If you have the time please consider the following questions and send your responses back to me via email (  I will compile the responses and present them to the organization (without identifying sources):

A. If you have volunteered before (esp. with an Eritrean or Ethiopian organization) what helped make the volunteering easier/more fun? What barriers did you encounter?

B. If you tried to volunteer but intentionally drew back from doing so what stopped you?

C. If you wanted to volunteer with an Eritrean or Ethiopian organization but were not able to (due to factors outside your control) what got in your way?

D. If you do not have an intention to volunteer with an Eritrean or Ethiopian organization, why do you not want to do this? Have you volunteered with non-Eritrean/Ethiopian organizations before?

E. What have you heard about volunteering with Eritrean/Ethiopian organizations?

Your honest responses will greatly help the Atlanta ECA better reach out to their community. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. If you know of someone who could provide valuable feedback please feel free to forward this to them. If possible, please send your responses to me by Wednesday November 11th.

Thank you for your consideration,



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