Neither Here Nor There: Perspectives on Identity by the Young Eritrean and Ethiopian Diaspora in America

November 6, 2009

You Are

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Buna Bean

You are

You are my

Injera be kitfo

Lazy afternoon beneath

the Chis Abbay

Dabo ina shiro

You are

What sustains me

The carbohydrates

Of my amino acids

My lil’ Buna Bean

You are my

13th month of sunshine

Stop at the Cake Bet

Stroll down Bole road

The siquar in my wine

You are

Wind in my lungs

Malchilewn desta

Michilewn ambesa

My essence, my nefs

You are my


Build me up

One smile at a time then

Scramble again, wey ye libe gwada

You are

Rising plains

To Mountain tops

Rivers winding

My country’s veins

You are my

Lalibela meskel

Libe indetesekele

Be Egzihaber

Anjete indaykatel



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