Neither Here Nor There: Perspectives on Identity by the Young Eritrean and Ethiopian Diaspora in America

February 22, 2010

I Love America When… I Love Ethiopia When…

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I love America when…
1. I love America when I have to make a phone call
2. I love America when I take a hot shower
3. I love America when I wash my clothes
4. I love America when I get the scholarship with an average GPA
5. I love America when I have strange PMS cravings for exotic food I can buy at Kroger
6. I love America when I drive my car on a road with traffic laws
7. I love America when I take a taxi cab
8. I love America when it’s too hot for tea or coffee and I can just as easily get a smoothie
9. I love America when a price is a price is a price
10. I love America when I get another chance at graduate school without sacrificing my kidneys
11. I love America when I’m at a baseball game
12. I love America when I see my psychologist
13. I love America when the lights stay on every day of the week
14. I love America when I drink beer out of a bottle in public
15. I love America when I am in Little Five Points
16. I love America when I write facebook notes disparaging government decisions and avoid a prison sentence
17. I love America when I run down the street and don’t feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest
18. I love America when I don’t have to count back six hours every time I check what time it is
19. I love America when I take my dog to the vet
20. I love America when I get medicine instead of home remedies

I love Ethiopia when…
1. I love Ethiopia when I watch the news
2. I love Ethiopia when it’s time to eat
3. I love Ethiopia when I get my hair done
4. I love Ethiopia when it’s time to enjoy customer service
5. I love Ethiopia when I don’t have to wash the dishes
6. I love Ethiopia when I take a break in the middle of the day
7. I love Ethiopia when I eat dessert
8. I love Ethiopia when I take a trip to the REAL mountains
9. I love Ethiopia as I’m no longer a minority
10. I love Ethiopia when I eat mangos
11. I love Ethiopia when football is played with your feet
12. I love Ethiopia when history books date back beyond 1492
13. I love Ethiopia when it’s time to display patriotism
14. I love Ethiopia when I celebrated my second millennium
15 .I love Ethiopia when I hear poetry
16 .I love Ethiopia when names have deep meaning…except mine.
17. I love Ethiopia when I watch bootleg movies in Spanish with inaccurate English subtitles
18. I love Ethiopia when I don’t have to explain that I’m 100% black even though my mom looks Puerto-nese (PuertoRican & Chinese)
19. I love Ethiopia when I need a new fancy dress and matching jewelry, purse and shoes
20. I love Ethiopia at tea time

When do you love America or back home?

Written by:  Buna Bean


February 9, 2010

Doing Big Things: Eri-United

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As mentioned in our recent post – there are a lot of Eritreans and Ethiopians doing big things in the Diaspora.  We frequently post young people’s work on our Facebook page, but we will now also feature people here on our blog. 

The first feature in this series goes to 24 year old Tedros Ahferom.   Here he is doing big things: 

Who are you?

Tedros Ahferom  24 years old. is the site that I have made.  I have also Eri-united on facebook and the Dutch version of Facebook called Hyves. Our main goal is to bring the Eritrean community as much as possible closer to each other.

At the sites you have the ability to chat, listen music, watch video’s, talk on forums, join polls and more things. At this positive way, we want to interact with our ‘brothers and sisters’. 

We are trying to keep all the sites updated, that’s the reason why 3 other friends are helping me out. Without them I could not do it. 


Where do you live?

in Holland, Rotterdam


What Big Thing did you do?

I designed a Eritrean soccer shirt myself and with help from a supplier I made them.



Because there are not good looking Eritrean soccer shirts. And there are many sportive Eritrean people.  Main reason for designing this shirt was because, I want something all Eritreans can be proud of. 


How did you come up with it?

I saw many t-shirt that were made. But I wanted this one to be special and I thought lets make a soccer shirt instead of a normal t-shirt with standard text or picture on it. There has never been a Eritrean soccer shirt made, so I was starting to ask some friends if it would be a good idea. They said it would be a great idea, and they were all excited about it.  And after that I began to set it up.

 A message from Tedros and Eri-United:

 Eri-United presents: The long expected Eritrean soccer shirt.

Are you like every Eritrean person that is proud of his nationality, and you want to show this to everyone.

We can give you now this opportunity by wearing the Eritrean soccer shirt.

When Eri-United designed this shirt we wanted to use the flag and the colours and bring this back on the shirt.

You can also find the colours on the sleeves of the Eritrean soccer shirt. The shirt is made of Extreme Fiber, this is the same substance that big clubs have.

A substance that is moisture-regulating and is 100% breathable.

Available in the sizes: 128, S, M, L, XL and XXL. (Limited edition, so be quick.)

The Eri-United soccer shirt is available for the fantastic price of  € 35, – !


You can order this shirt by emailing to or visiting


February 2, 2010

Paid Position To Work in Haiti Reconstruction

I (Mahlet) received this information from a listserve I belong to.  Even if you can’t do this – please share with someone who would be a good fit.  Especially at a time of a slow economy with many out of work, what a great opportunity to do something good and enhance your resume at the same time.  Here is the original Message:


ACET, Inc. has received an immediate request to provide assistance to the devastation from the recent earthquake that has befallen the nation of Haiti. We are looking for anyone interested in going to Haiti to help for a 3- 6 month period. There are no particular skills sets defined at this point, except the willingness to help wherever needed. We will be presenting folks and highlighting their unique skills and trade qualifications, so if the opportunity to help in your area exists – it will be noted and presented. As you can well imagine, any skill that you may have – can be of great help.

Typical skill sets needed:

Medical Personnel
Heavy Equipment Operators

THIS IS NOT A VOLUNTEER REQUEST – you will be paid for the work you do. This is a temporary employment assignment that will include travel, expenses, remuneration with an understanding that housing accommodations will be very basic. All that is needed at this point is a passport or ability to obtain one ASAP.

If you are seriously interested or know of someone who would be interested – please email me back ASAP or forward this email, and I will provide more details for you at that time.

This is a unique opportunity to make a difference to the people of Haiti!

Onekqua Beverly
Corporate Recruiter/Security Specialist
ACET, Inc.
301-861-5023 (Office)
301-885-3199 (Fax)

Blog at